Working 18 Hour Days? 3 Ways To Re-Claim Work-Life Balance Now

In Dan Lyons' NY Times Sunday Review article from August 31st, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of 'Crush It' and 'Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,' is touted as preaching the necessity of 18 hour workdays for anyone wanting to get ahead.  As a work-life balance strategist, self-made millionaire, mother of five, and someone who is living healthily 17 [...]

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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from United’s Mistakes

A couple of days after United Airlines forcibly removed a passenger on a flight departing from Chicago, I found myself preparing to board a United flight from Phoenix to Newark. With two scandals under their belt, including girls who were banned from a flight due to wearing leggings, one would think that the gate agents [...]

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Work Smarter Not Harder: Step Up and Value Your Time

I have just returned from Las Vegas where I took the stage at The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing Event. Imagine the energy of five thousand women entrepreneurs, along with several highly in-tune men, all with the singular focus on helping others and taking their lives to the next level in the process. Working [...]

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Do Not Let Objections Take You Out of The Game

Dealing with Objections - How to Be More Confident and Accomplish More When Facing Obstacles Whether in business, or in life, objections can sting. There is a tendency to misconstrue an objection as something personal, when often it is not. Objections are par for the course when we are presenting an idea to a potential client, [...]

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Relationship Tips: When Life Isn’t Instagram Perfect

Relationships take work for both partners to be happy and thrive. Yet, many articles on relationship tips sometimes ignore how to bounce back when things get tough. The other day, Chris and I fought.  It was not our best moment, and certainly not our worst.  Stress was involved and frankly, we were on the cusp [...]

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Massive Success: Five Minutes is All the Time in the World

Just saying or thinking the words "massive success" is enough to intimidate some. But isn't it amazing that the difference between winning and losing is often minimal? It looked like the New England Patriots, the likely candidates to win the NFL World Championships were going to tank and Matt Ryan’s Falcons would have one of [...]

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Stop the Insanity!

As someone who specializes in mentoring people to achieve greater work-life balance and become more productive, I want to get out my pointy shoes and declare loudly – stop the insanity; booking appointments by multiple modalities is a surefire way to stress you out.   Consider this for a moment: * The average American spends [...]

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Want to Achieve Work-Life Balance? The Three Fatal Errors You Must Avoid

As the debate about work-life balance, and having it all, rages on, many of my clients, and students, come to me wondering if they really can have fulfilling relationships, better finances, good health, and a modicum of sanity all at the same time. My personal opinion, as a mother of five, someone who was diagnosed [...]

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