To Brand or Not to Brand – 3 Levels of Branding

In the world of internet marketing, it is relatively inexpensive, and straightforward to create your own brand.  With a variety of free platforms including YouTube™, Instagram™, and Facebook™, combined with the ability to create a simple WordPress™ blog, and generate podcasts from your laptop, is it any wonder that so many people are branding themselves?  [...]

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Recognize These Top 10 Companies By Brand?

What do you think of when you think of top 10 companies - the top brands - in the world? What do they do to dominate their market? Starbucks Everywhere you turn, another Starbucks is popping up. They are everywhere - grocery stores, airports, and every other street corner. Starbucks might be pricey but customers [...]

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One Simple Way To Keep Customers Coming Back

While most of you would agree, trying something new can be a great experience. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. Yet, as a business, you ability to keep customers is vital to your success. When it comes to building loyalty among customers and clients, providing certainty is one of the most [...]

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