Working 18 Hour Days? 3 Ways To Re-Claim Work-Life Balance Now

In Dan Lyons' NY Times Sunday Review article from August 31st, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of 'Crush It' and 'Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,' is touted as preaching the necessity of 18 hour workdays for anyone wanting to get ahead.  As a work-life balance strategist, self-made millionaire, mother of five, and someone who is living healthily 17 [...]

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Stop Being Overwhelmed: 7 Tips To Get Over Overwhelm

Feeling Overwhelmed? A Lot Going On? 7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Re-Gain Control by Best-Selling Author, Susan Sly “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi So, as I write this article, we have a lot of things going on. I am currently on a [...]

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5 Tips For Success In The You Economy

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” - Abraham Lincoln The You Economy is on the rise with more and more people, of all ages, embracing the notion that 9-5 in a cubicle just doesn’t work. People want to work; however, with the demands of life, they [...]

Be An Entrepreneur: The Top 10 Reasons

Younger generations entering the workforce today are seeking greater work-life balance than previous generations did. More freedom in terms of family, time schedule, and earning potential are becoming increasingly important. Here is a list of 10 reason why so many people are deciding to blaze their own trail - to be an entrepreneur - rather than falling into the [...]

Entrepreneur Tips: 10 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

Perhaps one of the greatest entrepreneur tips is that anyone starting a new business, a new endeavor, a partnership, or even just a change of profession, should be asking themselves pertinent questions to help to provide clarity on the future. Below are 10 questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before jumping in: What’s your why? Why is [...]

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Be More Productive: 5 Tips to Get Out of the Entrepreneurial Rut

Be More Productive Sometimes it can be tough to be more productive. As entrepreneurs, there will be times when the last thing you want to do is think about your business... As an entrepreneur, we all will have times where we need to be more productive. We might say we are stuck in a rut. We might [...]

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Entrepreneurial Advice From The Amazing Lisa Nichols

I - and other successful entrepreneurs - often get asked for entrepreneurial advice. "How did you go from being on government assistance to building a multi-million dollar business?" This is the question Lisa Nichols is most often asked during interviews. And she has been interviewed a lot. And asked for entrepreneurial advice a lot. Lisa [...]

Be Successful: Congrats Peyton Manning – 18 Entrepreneur Lessons We Can Learn From #18

Do you want to be successful? They may not always be obvious, but entrepreneur lessons can be found nearly everywhere we look if we want to be more successful. Huge congratulations to Peyton Manning for a stellar career. He is expected to announce his retirement today from the NFL after 18 seasons with the Colts [...]

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Business Tips: The Secret To Business Success – Fire Yourself Everyday

Business Tips FOUR KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK OURSELVES ON A DAILY BASIS TO ENSURE THE HEALTH, LONGEVITY AND PROFITABILITY OF ANY COMPANY When Donald Trump uttered the words, “You’re fired!” he not only made those two dreaded words synonymous with failure, regret, anger and frustration, he also massively engaged an audience of millions watching, as [...]

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Life Hacks: 7 Life Rules for Greater Fulfillment

Life Hacks: Greater fulfillment... we all seem to want it. Can we find it? In Susan’s first podcast back from hiatus she shares the emotional lessons garnered from a close friend who recently passed of stage four cancer. This friend - an entrepreneur, loving husband and father - chose to create several ‘rules’ to apply to [...]

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