5 Tips for Writing Emails That People Read and Reply To

It began with looking at my in-box and seeing that a certain person, known for verbose emails, had sent yet another long-winded montage of thoughts.  Not only was it challenging to see what the person actually wanted, between the eight sentence paragraph and the front-end diatribe, I had to read through it four times which [...]

By | 2017-10-04T16:03:56+00:00 October 4th, 2017|Blog, Productivity, Solopreneur, You Economy|3 Comments

Email Marketing to Your List – Are You Committing Email Sin?

It all began with a conversation with a friend of mine who works at a large CRM (client relationship management) firm.  He had slapped the hands of several people who had used Hurricane Harvey as a time to take the opportunity to use their email marketing to capitalize on tragedy by tying sales pitches to [...]

By | 2017-09-20T14:34:31+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Blog, Solopreneur, You Economy|1 Comment

Define It As You Will – The You Economy Is On The Rise

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, 10 percent of working Americans are self-employed and this number is not likely to be truly representative when you factor in other professions in the self-employment model. Globally, 29% of working adults are self-employed with areas such as Southeast Asia reporting 41% of its workforce with an entrepreneurial bent. [...]

By | 2017-08-31T20:29:57+00:00 August 31st, 2017|Blog, Solopreneur|1 Comment

5 Tips For Success In The You Economy

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” - Abraham Lincoln The You Economy is on the rise with more and more people, of all ages, embracing the notion that 9-5 in a cubicle just doesn’t work. People want to work; however, with the demands of life, they [...]

By | 2016-08-23T22:50:50+00:00 August 23rd, 2016|Blog, Mindset, Organization, Productivity, Uncategorized, Work Life Balance|Comments Off on 5 Tips For Success In The You Economy

Want to Have More Freedom? The Economy Wants YOU! Are You Ready?

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs - many because they want to have more freedom. Folks are beginning to say goodbye to the corporate bureaucracy in favor of the 'you economy.' According to CBS News, 70 percent of U.S. workers do not feel engaged or inspired at their jobs and feel that they are [...]

By | 2016-08-11T05:00:45+00:00 August 11th, 2016|Blog, Mindset, Money and Financial, Uncategorized, Work Life Balance|Comments Off on Want to Have More Freedom? The Economy Wants YOU! Are You Ready?
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